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  • Support Equine Response - PTSD Treatment

    Message from the Executive Director FOP Colorado Police Foundation

    This Suspect has killed more Police Officers than any other...and we need your help to prevent this monster from killing more officers!

    The identity of this killer has been confirmed and his name is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The opening of this letter may sound overly dramatic but make no mistake this is a serious a threat to law enforcement officers and should be regarded as a true danger to the men and women of our profession.

    PTSD is a silent killer in our profession.  PTSD related suicides by officers are clearly on the rise and the anecdotal research indicates that officer suicides outnumber officers killed in the line of duty by 3 to 1. That means that officers are 3 times more likely to be killed by their own hand than by a criminal suspect. 

    These officers have placed their lives on the line for others many times and because of the daily stress of their profession and the effect it has on their personal life, they have reached a point where they feel like they can't go on.  By their nature and because of their training, police and other emergency responders make instant decisions.....so in an instant they chose "suicide" as a way out. Why are we not taking action to address this officer safety problem?

    The Colorado Police Officers Foundation is taking action and we need your help. We have partnered with an organization and an amazing group of individuals who use horses in a cutting edge therapy that has proven to be successful in treating combat veterans with PTSD, and this program, Equine Response, is now being offered to law enforcement officers. 

    "Equine Response" is dedicated to a world in which the integrity of the human spirit is restored through partnership with horses. Through their programs, we are creating an intentional opportunity for people to heal themselves through these dynamic partnerships.

    The Colorado Police Officers Foundation (CFOP Foundation) is leading the way in this endeavor as well as many other areas of services for law enforcement officers and their families. Please share this information with your family & friends. Have them visit this page on our website for more information about this program and how to support it. I can also be contacted directly for more information on the program and how to support it.

    Do not hesitate to contact me via email at fgale@msn.com or by phone at 303-995-0810 with any questions. As a law enforcement officer, family member, or friend of law enforcement I know that you already want to jump into action to prevent this killer from taking the life of another officer. Let’s take this threat to the safety of officers seriously and all join together to confront this deadly killer. You will find the Paypal donation link directly beow the following information from Equine Response.  Any amount you can afford is greatly appreciated.

    Frank Gale,

    Executive Director - Colorado Police Officer Foundation

    Who We Are:  Equine Response was created by a group of dedicated professionals which includes a Police Detective who is also an Army Veteran who served six years in active duty, a seasoned Licensed Professional Counselor who has extensive experience working with Veterans and Military Service Members and their families, a PhD whose work promotes the effective implementation of evidence-based programs, and a highly-trained equine professional with over 20 years of horse experience. Our team is passionate about utilizing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning (EAP/L) to help significantly improve the lives of First Responders and Veterans.

    About Our Program Model:  EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) is one of the most highly respected, globally recognized EAP/L frameworks, and the Equine Response team is pursuing program implementation in accordance with EAGALA standards and procedures. The Equine Response Mental Health Therapist is EAGALA certified, and the Equine Specialist is currently completing his training. Implementation of the EAGALA framework allows the Equine Response team to best serve our clients in addressing issues such as depression, anxiety, survivor’s guilt, anger, suicidal ideation, relationship problems, self-medicating, hyper-vigilance, and self-esteem issues.

    Funding:  Funding is crucial and we need your help.  Equine Response is funded totally by public and private charitable donations.  We count on your generosity and support to make this program a success.  The Colorado FOP through its Police Foundation has set up a donation link via Paypal.  The Colorado FOP Police Officers' Foundation is a charitable corporation that operates under the 501 (c) (3) provisions of the federal tax code. This official designation granted by the Internal Revenue Service conveys tax-exempt status to the foundation and specifically allows contributions to be tax deductible.

    After accessing the donation link below you will have the option to make a one time donation or a recurring donation. If you decide to make a recurring donation make sure to check the designated box. Either one is greatly appreciated.  

    Click your mouse on "Donate" to access PayPal :

    For more information on The Equine Response program click on their logo below to access the Equine Response website

    A special thanks to Badge of Life (www.badgeoflife.comfor producing this video and their groundbreaking work surrounding PTSD and suicide.

    Click here: Colorado Legislative Task Force Final Report Peace Officer PTSD

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