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  • Access Labor Council Services
    Updated On: Feb 14, 2016

    As a member of Adams County FOP Lodge 1 you are automatically a member of the Labor Council and entitled to all labor services available through the Labor Council.  You do not need approval to contact Labor Services with any workplace question or complaint.  If you eventually process a labor complaint you need to advise the Lodge President of the action.  

    There are serious labor issues that happen frequently in the workplace, and local Lodge leadership normally does not possess the legal knowledge or resources to determine a violation and course of action.  Among the most frequent abuses seen involving working conditions involve violations of FLSA standards on overtime and compensatory time reimbursements.  This is followed closely by sexual harassment and other employer prohibited practices.  Cities and counties also have local workplace policies and procedures in place that they on occasion violate without challenge.

    Time and research over what can or cannot be done on such issues is rarely expended by the local lodge due to lack of money, resources, or knowledge.  Much of that work is based in current workplace law which is complex in nature and an employee needs proper legal advice and assistance to handle the issue.  That applies to lodges also if the violation extends to the entire workplace.  By pooling member dues in the same manner that we do in the FOP Legal Defense Plan, the Labor Council is able to financially handle the legal costs and time involved.

    Labor Services include but are not limited to:

    • Labor Training
    • Legal assistance on FLSA and other Labor and workplace laws
    • Enforcement of Federal & State Labor Law
    • Provide County Code/Ordinance Wording for Collective Bargaining
    • Training on Collective Bargaining Petition Drives & Elections
    • Training on best Political Action and Local Lobbying Techniques
    • Negotiating and enforcing your collective bargaining agreement
    • To assist you in mediations
    • To assist in arbitration
    • Conduct Pay & Benefit Comparable analysis for your department
    • Training on tactics for improving Labor/Management Relations
    • To pursue your grievances
    • Experienced staff of labor attorneys

    Very few Lodges or Lodge members have the experience or time to deal with or manage these kinds of services.  Membership in the Labor Council brings that to your Lodge.  However it is incumbent on local lodge leadership to make their members aware that if they have a workplace matter that involves working conditions or terms and conditions of employment other than duty related discipline covered by LDF; their membership in the Labor Council brings the kind of expertise and services they expect as members of the FOP.  Bottom line is that if it is workplace matters not covered by LDF then call us.  The benefits of Labor Council membership are well worth the dues paid.  Labor services a just a phone call away.  You do not need lodge approval for assistance. You can directly contact Labor Services at 303-591-3842.  

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